Candid discussion about all sports and health issues.


Most of us love to eat without paying attention to the amount of cholesterol or preservatives that we take in every meal. At the same time, our cravings for junk foods or ‘fast foods’ never cease. In effect, we develop ailments such as sore throat, stomach pains, obesity, diabetes and the worst is heart attack.

Too much or too less of something is bad. Let us ask ourselves: Are we going to wait for the day that we are confined in hospitals before being aware of these things? If no, then let us consider one of the best ways to prevent such circumstance – EXERCISE.

Exercising daily could boost our immune system. It allows us to combat bacteria and viruses that are scattered everywhere. Being physically fit also makes us efficient, energetic and productive. It stimulates our minds and bodies. Some people even feel younger after exercising.

We do not have to spend too much money for limited sessions, to hire famous fitness instructors or to go far away to the most visited gyms. The key to longer and healthier life could be right where we are standing now – home, street, school.

Some forms of exercises include the following:
1. Walking
2. Jogging/Running
3. Dancing
4. Stretching
5. Bending

Believe it or not, walking is already an exercise. In fact, 10,000 steps daily could already prevent us from gaining several pounds. Jogging or running could also burn more calories. Usually running is preferred by young people, but with precaucions, older people can run without any problems. We can do this every morning for at least an hour. For some, they bring their dogs with them which make exercise beneficial to animals as well. Dancing is also an exercise and a way to relieve stress. Employees who are sitting all day can also take micro-breaks which may include short walks (getting a cup of water/coffee, going to the comfort room), stretching of both hands and feet and standing for a while. Doing bending in the morning could make our abdominal muscles firm. For women, it decreases the chance of experiencing painful menstruation or dysmenorrheal.

In my state of Rhode Island I often go hiking through the northern part of the state - towns like Cumberland, Lincoln, North Smithfield, etc. They all offer nice hiking trails and beautiful views. Nothing like exercising outdoors to keep your heart rate up and get a great workout.

Along with proper exercise goes proper diet. If we want to gain or lose weight then we must also have discipline. Avoiding junk foods and eating fruits and vegetables can be a good start. If we plan to do some indoor exercises, we can also visit fitness websites for free instructions.

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Instead of sitting on the couch all day, let us make exercise part of our daily routine. We only have one life to live and exercising can make it worth living. After all, health is wealth.